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ATR 72-600

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Fly-GH will operate ATR 72-600 aircrafts on domestic routes across Ghana, and to other short-haul destinations. The airline intends to have a fleet of 4 aircrafts - 2 ATR 72-600 aircrafts for domestic flights and 2 Boeing 737 aircrafts for regional flights.

The ATR 72-600 is extensively known to be the most efficient way of transporting passengers on short-haul, considering the frequency and timing of passenger travels within Ghana and some parts of the West African Sub-region. With a total seating capacity of 70 passengers per flight, the company aims at providing low seat-mile costs to travellers whiles still ensuring that it makes profit.

The selected aircrafts are meant to ensure the highest level of efficiency in terms of operation costs. These aircrafts are highly fuel-efficient and would enable the company to operate in an environmentally friendly way, whiles providing the highest levels of efficiency and punctual services to its clientele.
The company intends to increase its fleet of aircrafts within five (5) years of the commencement of operations in 2017.